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Going off blogging. Hopefully will be back…

Here’s What Would Happen If We Let Jony Ive Redesign EVERYTHING [Humor]
Buster Heine, cultofmac.com

Jony Ive’s vision for iOS has received quiet a bit of heat over the last 24 hours thanks to his heavy use of flat icons, huge areas of white space and whim­si­cal neon color gra­di­ents.

A few design­ers have already sought to ‘fix’ some of the…

Experience Space Travel in the Back of a Japanese Bus
Spooky, odditycentral.com

Long bus tours can be pretty boring, but Japan’s Star Fighter buses are so incredibly cool they just don’t give you a chance to get bored. If you think they look impressive on the outside, wait until you see what’s in store for passengers…

Trust the Japanese to make quirky tech!

Classic Statues Dressed in Modern-Day Clothes
twistedsifter, twistedsifter.com

In a series entitled /// Street stone ///, photographer Léo Caillard and retoucher Alexis Persani imagine what classic statues would look like if they were dressed in modern-day clothing.Through meticulous digital photo manipulation, Persani is ab…


Travellers: Bronze Statues in Search of Themselves
Benjamin Starr, visualnews.com

Life can often leave you feeling a bit lost for purpose, perhaps even empty inside, but there’s a great way to regain your clarity on what matters in this world: go traveling. Bronze sculptor Bruno Catalano has created an fascinating series…

Very creative!

Every Minute Counts at Germany’s Slow Time Cafe
Spooky, odditycentral.com

Slow Time, a newly opened cafe in Wiesbaden, Germany, is charging clients on how much time they spend there, rather than on what they order. Coffee and biscuit snacks are free, and customers can even bring their own food, but on departure, they ha…

Interesting concept…

The Ancient Art of Tibetan Butter Sculpting Is Melting Away
Spooky, odditycentral.com

For the last 400 years, Tibetan monks have been using butter from yak milk to create large and intricate sculptures inspired by stories of Buddha, animals or plants and putting them on display during the annual Butter Lantern Festival. Unfortunate…

Would You Believe These Realistic Sculptures Are Made Exclusively from Wood?
Spooky, odditycentral.com

Arizona-based Tom Eckert would be better off calling himself an illusionist rather than a sculptor. The talented artist somehow manages to turn hard wood into realistic looking objects, from flowing fabrics, to books and fruits.It’s almost impossi…


Arjuna…the only undefeated hero of the Mahabharata. Read on!


The Iconic Floating Forest of Sydney
Spooky, odditycentral.com

There are a lot of shipwrecks in Sydney’s Homebush Bay, near the Olympic village, but none quite like the SS Ayrfield, also known as “The Floating Forest” for the lush mangrove vegetation that now covers its rusty hull.The SS Ayrfield (originally…

The iconic floating forest of Sydney!